Enjoying Judaisim-Tricking the Yetzer Hara to serve Hashem

Tricking the Yetzer Hara to serve Hashem:[1]

There is a constant battel occurring within a person for control of the body, and his thought speech and action. The G-dly soul desires that it be dedicated solely for matters of service of G-d while the animal soul wants it to indulge in the pleasures of life and instant gratifications and desires. It is often difficult to get both sides to agree on one action and no matter what one does somebody will not be happy. This often leads to one abstaining from doing an act of service of G-d, due to the protest of the animal soul. The trick in begin able to serve Hashem without protest, with consent of both sides, both souls, is to include within one’s service of G-d an aspect of self-gratification, which also the animal soul desires, and then do the act for the sake of heaven. Meaning that when a person sets out to do something in service of G-d, he should include with it an aspect that is enjoyed by the animal soul as well, and thus gain his consent for the act. For example, learn an exciting and intellectually stimulating part of Torah which excites the mind and is enjoyed by the animal soul, but intend to do so for the sake of attaching to G-d. Eat a delicious Shabbos meal which the animal soul finds pleasure in, but intend to do so for the sake of the Mitzvah of Oneg Shabbos. Get up early in the morning for something exciting that also the animal soul enjoys, and then use the time to serve G-d. The Jewish people are called “Ganavim” as we trick the animal soul, and scam him into doing Mitzvos.


[1] Based on Keser Shem Tov 141; Toldos Yaakov Yosef Chukas 1511

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