Door-less openings


A door-less opening:[1]

Openings which do not have doors are nevertheless obligated to have a Mezuzah. However some Poskim[2] exempt such an opening from needing a Mezuzah.[3] Thus, in order to fulfill ones obligation according to all opinions, when one places a Mezuzah on a door-less opening he should place it without a blessing, or have it included in the blessing of another Mezuzah.[4]

Placing a door on an opening with a Mezuzah:[5] If one placed a Mezuzah on a door-less opening, and then decided to place a door by the opening, he is to remove the Mezuzah and replace it after the door is affixed.[6] When replacing the Mezuzah a blessing is not to be recited although, if possible, he should have it included in the blessing of another Mezuzah.

[1] 286/15

[2] Rambam Mezuzah 6

The reason: As the verse states “and your gates” hence implying the openings must have a door. [Beir Hagoleh ibid]

[3] Michaber ibid

[4] Shach 286/25

[5] Shach 286/25

[6] The reason: As according to the Rambam it would remain invalid due to Taaseh Velo Min Hassuiy. [Shach ibid]

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