Didn’t hear Megillah on 14th

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One who did not hear the Megillah on the 14th: [1]

One who did not hear Megillah on the 14th, such as he was traveling and did not have a Megillah available, then if a Megillah becomes available on the 15th, he is to read it on the 15th [one time at night and one time by day[2]. The readings are to be done without a blessing.[3] On the 16th and onwards one is not to read the Megillah at all, even without a blessing.[4]]


What is the law if one accidently read the Megillah in the first Adar of a leap year?[5]

One must repeat the reading in Adar II.


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The reason: As the main time of the reading has passed. [M”B ibid]

Other Opinions: Some Poskim rule that one is to read the Megillah with a blessing. [Taz 688/9; Elya Raba 688]

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The reason: The verse [Esther 9/27] states “Velo Yaavor”. This teaches us that the Megillah may not be read past the 15th. [See Rashi Megillah 2a “Chal Arba Asar” regarding the reason why the Megillah is read on Friday by Purim Mesulash; Likkutei Sichos 17 p 69; Shulchan Menachem 3/331] Obviously however this only refers to one reading from a Kosher Megillah for the sake of the Mitzvah.

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