Davening in a Sukkah:[1]

If one is unable to Daven in Shul, then if he is able to Daven in his Sukkah without disturbances and with a clear mind and proper concentration, he must do so.[2] This however only applies if he is unable to go to Shul, however if he is able to go to Shul then he must do so and is not required to Daven in his Sukkah. If he is unable to Daven with concentration in his Sukkah then he may Daven inside his house.


[1] 639/5

[2] The reason: As during the rest of the year when one is unable to Daven in Shul


One may Daven outside his Sukkah if either:

  1. He desires to Daven in Shul
  2. He cannot concentrate in the Sukkah

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