Child who borrowed money


Child who borrowed money:[1]


If a child borrowed money for purposes of food or business, he is obligated to pay back the lender when he is older. [If however he was below six years of age, he is not liable.[2] However, some Poskim[3] rule that if he borrowed the money for food purposes he is obligated to pay the debt even if he is below age six.]

[1] Michaber C.M. 235/15 and 96/3 [regarding business obligations of child]; Smeh 235/43


[2] Michaber 96/3 regarding business; Shach 235/7 that the same applies in 235/15 regarding loans


[3] Smeh 235/43; Nesivos Hamishpat 235/29; See Teshuvas Rebbe Akiva Eiger 147 [brought in Pischeiy Teshuvah 235/9]


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