Checklist For Yom Kippur Day

Reminders for Yom Kippur day:

  • One is to wash his hands until the knuckle upon awakening.
  • One does not recite Sheasa Li Kol Tzarki.
  • In Kerias Hatorah one should be distressed over the death of sons of Aharon
  • Ein Kelokeinu and Aleinu are not recited after Musaf Shemoneh Esrei.
  • Ashrei/Uva Letziyon are not recited before Mincha. It is said before Neilah
  • Mincha: The Torah is read Torah in the regular tune. Nesias Kapayim is not performed in Mincha, although the Chazan does say Elokeinu
  • Neilah: Begin Neilah before sunset; Leave Aron open throughout Neilah; recite Avinu Malkeinu even if falls on Shabbos; Napoleon’s march in middle of Kaddish followed by single blowing of Shofar; Kaddish with Lieila Ulieila.
  • Recite the 9 remaining chapters of Tehillim before Maariv.

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