Buying a home, new item, and giving presents during Sefira

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*All customs listed below are only practiced during the period of time in which one is accustomed to observe the mourning customs, as explained in the previous Halacha. For semantic purposes we will refer to this as “the mourning period of Sefira”. All mourning customs apply both to men and women unless explicitly stated otherwise!


May one buy a house during Sefira?

Yes.[1] However, some[2] write one is to be stringent against buying a house during Sefira for pleasure purposes, unless the house is in Eretz Yisrael.


May one buy new utensils and items during Sefira?[3]



May one give presents during Sefira?

Yes.[4] However, some[5] are accustomed to abstain from doing so.


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[5] Leket Yosher p. 98 that so was custom in Austraich; See Nitei Gavriel 55:8 footnote 16


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