Avodas Habeirurim


When did Avodas Habeirurim begin? Avraham Avinu began the Divine mission of refining the sparks of Tohu that fell into the worlds. This power however was only given to Avraham after he fulfilled the Mitzvah of Mila, as prior to doing this Mitzvah the Kelipa of Noga covered over the level of Avraham and prevented its descent below. The Arla [foreskin] represents the level of Kelipas Nogah [neutral evil] which covers over holiness and conceals it. So long as the foreskin surrounds holiness, the level of holiness cannot be revealed, as this would allow the side of Kelipas Nogah to nurture from this revelation, and receive greater vitality and life-force then it was allocated during its creation. It is for this reason that after the Milah the verse states that that Avraham will be “Av Hamon Goyim/Father of all nations”, as the removal of the Arla of Avraham gave ability for his level of AV-Ram to be revealed and refine the sparks found in the nations.[1] In truth however, this mission of Avodas Habeirurim began when Avraham was commanded by Hashem at age 75 to come to Eretz Yisrael.[2]

Only the Jewish people can do the Avoda of Beirurim-Mashal of precious stone of king:[3] The Avoda of Bnei Yisrael is to refine the sparks of Tohu that fell into Tikkun. This job cannot be done by Gentiles. This is similar to a precious gem that fell off the king’s crown and cannot be found. The King summons his son to find the jewel in order to merit him in the great deed. He does not allow the other servants to look for it, as his entire desire is to merit his son.

Hashem brings sparks to the person:[4] Every person is given a task in this world to elevate and refine a certain number of Divine sparks for the sake of service of G-d. Sometimes, one is required to travel to far off places to accomplish this refinement. At other times Hashem gathers the sparks to the area of one’s location. This is the meaning of that Hashem folded Eretz Yisrael under Yaakov Avinu, as He gathered all the sparks under Yaakov in order so he does not need to travel from place to place. This is likewise the meaning behind the verse “And Noach found favor/Chen in the eyes of Hashem.” Chen refers to the sparks found in Kelipas Noga. Noach found the sparks that he needed to refine in the area that he lived. This is the inner meaning of the statement of Chazal[5] “Chen Makom Al Yoshvav” that the Divine sparks needed to be elevated are found in the area of one’s dwelling.

The three levels of sparks that fell:[6] There are three levels of Divine sparks that fell into the Kelipos. The first level is the sparks of Kedusha that fell from Tohu as a result of the breakage of the vessels. There were a total of 288 general sparks that fell from Tohu. The second level is the sparks that fell into the Kelipos as a result of the sin of Adam and Chava, when they ate from the tree of knowledge. The third level is the sparks that fall as a result of sin, such as spilling of seed and the like.

Blessing:[7] Saying a blessing elevates the sparks in the food, do say blessing with concentration.

Beirurim by Yimos Hamaishiach:[8] While we are still in galus since we are connected below we do not have the ability to elevate above the sparks that are found in animals. Thus, the Avodah of now, zman hagalus, is only to elevate ones soul above, and refine it, and not the physical things. This is why we cannot bring karbanos today. Thus, Tefilah only corresponds to karbanos in the fact that it elevates the soul but not in the fact that it elevates other things. To elevate other things above is the purpose of Yimos Hamoshiach that then all the commands will be fulfilled in their entirety and thus all the sparks will be elevated including those that fell in the animals. This will be able to be done as by Yimos Hamashiach our souls will have reached perfection and thus can now elevate other things.


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