From the Rav’s Desk: What blessing should be recited over plane date honey known as silan?


What blessing should be recited upon eating plane date honey known as silan. Haeitz or Shehakol? And why after blessing should be recited, Borei Nefashos or Al Hapeiros?



Shehakol and Borei Nefashos.


It is a clear ruling that the juice from a fruit receives the blessing of Shehakol and not Haeitz and that this applies even for the juice of fruits from the seven species. Now, the Poskim explicitly rule that the same law applies regarding the honey of dates. Now, although we find some Poskim who suggest that perhaps date honey should be an exception and receive the blessing of Haeitz being that the Torah explicitly mentions it as one of the praises of Israe, nonethless, even if true, this only refers to honey that oozes from dates, and not the date honey made today known as Silan, which is made through boiling the dates in water and then dehydrating the leftover liquid, which case its blessing is Shehakol according to all.

Sources: See regarding that the blessing over juice from a fruit is always Shehakol and Borei Nefashos: Seder Birchas Hanehnin 7:11; Admur 202:10; Michaber 202:8; Rambam Brachos 8:4; Brachos 38a; Ketzos Hashulchan 50:5; See regarding honey that oozes from dates: Shehakol: Michaber ibid; Rambam ibid; Brachos ibid;  Haeitz: Kaf Hachaim 202:60 in name of Bahag; Piskeiy Teshuvos 208 footnote 163; See regarding date honey of today which is made by boiling dates: Kaf Hachaim 202:60; Meir Oz 9:135

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