From the Rav’s Desk: Shaalos & Teshuvos on Torah study


This is only partially accurate and depends on the type of summary that we are referring to. The Rebbe, in line with the directives of the previous Rabbeim [Rebbe Rayatz and Rebbe Rashab and Tzemach Tzedek] were opposed to the creation and study of an abridged Chumash or Tanach which omits sections and stories in accordance to the reasons chosen by their compiler, especially when written by authors who are not Orthodox. Likewise, the Tzemach Tzedek opposed the creation and study of a bridge compilations from Tanach, the Mishnah, and Rambam. This however does not come God forbid to negate the writing and study of summaries of a given subject, and on the contrary the Rebbe, in line with the directives of the previous Rabbeim [Rebbe Rayatz and Rebbe Rashab and Tzemach Tzedek] all encouraged the writing of summaries, and personally wrote summaries on different works, and much coveted such works.


The explanation regarding the seeming contradiction is as follows: When it comes to curriculum study for students in Cheder and Yeshiva, there is no replacement for studying from the original text whether it be Tanach, Mishneh or Rambam, and God forbid for somebody to take the authority to make a new abridged compilation of these subjects omitting sections that he feels should not be there, and have it enter the study curriculum of the students instead of the original. Likewise, one should not study only the summary compilation and rely on it to Pasken Halacha without studying the sources.


However, if one retains the study of the original and simply uses the summary to assist one in remembering the main points of the subject, then not only is there no issue in doing so, but furthermore the Talmud and Poskim all encourage its writing and study.


See: Sources of negation: Igros Kodesh 19:419 in negation of studying from Kitzurei Chumash as a complete prohibition from the Rebbe Rayatz, Rashab and all Gedolei Yisrael; Sefer Hasichos 5702 p. 70 and Igros Kodesh 6:336 in negation of studying Kitzur Chumash which was written by Apikorsim, in the Talmud Torah [seems the negation is because was written by Apikorsim!]; Igros Kodesh Tzemach Tzedek 1:342; Hisvadus 5748 4:213 in negation of Kitzur Sifsei Chachamim; Sources of negation of Paskening from Kitzurim: Sheim Hagedolim Mareches Sefarim Os Kuf 77; Grain in Mishleiy 10:4; Shut Tzafnas Paneiach 1:41; Sources of encouragement: Eiruvin 21b; Toras Menachem 15:17-18 “The Rebbe Rayatz held very much of Kitzurim”; Toras Menachem 38:25; 40:60; 55:145; Hisvadyus Parshas Tazria 5741; 5751 1:282; Sichas 15th Tamuz  Igros Kodesh 3:97

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