From the Rav’s Desk: Shaalos and Teshuvos on squeezing from tube on shabbos & More

Yes. Doing so does not transgress Mimacheik, Mimareiach, nor any other prohibition, so long as one does not smear and smoothen the gel or paste once it comes out.

Sources: Shevet Halevi 4:33; Mesores Moshe 2 O.C. 135; Avnei Yashpei 2:32; SSH”K 11:14; Ashrei Haish 29:3; Chut Hashani 328 p. 214; Nishmas Shabbos 116; Orchos Shabbos 17:19 footnote 30; Shulchan Shlomo 2:109

Should one remove the Tallis from the head upon reaching Ein Kelokeinu?

While it is stated in the talks of the Rebbe Rayatz that based on Kabbalah the Tallis is to be removed from the head when one recites Ein Kelokeinu, and the Rebbe even gave credence to this custom, practically, this is not done, and was not seen done even by the Rebbe himself.

See Sefer Hasichos 5697 p. 156; Hamelech Bemisibo 1. P. 365;

Yes. Although, at the same time he stated that we are in exile. The period known as Yemos Hamoshaich is not perfectly synonymous with the period known as Geula, as although the Geula will occur within Yemos Hamoshiach, it will be preceded by the end of Galus within Yemos Hamoshiach. The Galus will not end until we have Moshaich Bevadaiy when the Beis Hamikdash is built and we have Kibutz Nidcheiy Yisrael, and until then we are still in Galus.

See regarding that our times are defined as Yemos Hamoshiach: Sichas Yud Tes Kisleiv 5752 Yichidus Kelalis 7 See regarding the various stages of Yemos Hamoshiach: Torah Or Vayechi “Osri Lagefen”; Sichas Lech Lecha 5751; Sichas Chayeh Sarah 5752 Os 13; Shaar Hageula; Likkutei Sichos See regarding that our times are still defined as Galus: Toras Menachem 58:416; Sichas 27th Shevat 5752 9 [p. 277]; Sichas Teruma 5752 14 [p. 297]; Sichas Titzaveh 5752 12 [p. 312]

How can we be by the threshold of Yemos Hamoshiach if so much suffering still exists?

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