From the Rav’s Desk: Saying a blessing over food if decide to eat more after Mayim Achronim


I switched areas during my meal taking my food with me, with prior intent to do so by Hamotzi, and forgot to eat a piece of bread while I was in my second area and only remembered after I already said Al Naharos Bavel and performed Mayim Achronim? What do I do now? Can I still eat a piece of bread and if so do I have to say a new blessing over it?



You should wash without a blessing, say Hamotzi and eat any amount of bread, repeat Mayim Achronim, and then Bentch.

Explanation: Since you may only recite Birchas Hamazon in the last area that you ate bread, you must therefore eat bread in your current area in order to be allowed to Bentch there. Now, since you already washed Mayim Achronim therefore a new blessing of Hamotzi must be recited over the bread even if you plan to only eat a tiny amount. Likewise, since you need to repeat the blessing of Hamotzi over the bread therefore you must also wash your hands again for bread but you should only say a blessing if you plan on eating more than a Kebeitza of bread. Now, since you made a Hefsek after your Mayim Achronim, therefore you must repeat the Mayim Achronim. Now, although there are Poskim who rule that the custom is to never eat or drink after Mayim Achronim, Admur omitted this opinion in his Seder Birchas Hanehnin, and likewise their opinion would not apply in this case.

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