From the Rav’s Desk: Making hairdos and Styling Sheitels during nine days

Making hairdo during nine days?



May one style their hair during the three weeks and nine days, such as with a curling iron or hair straightener and the like?




Explanation: We do not find any recorded prohibition or restriction against doing so.

Sources: See Nitei Gavriel 22:6


Styling Sheitels during three weeks and nine days?



May one trim or style a Sheitel during the three weeks and nine days?



Yes, during the three weeks until the nine days. No, during the nine days unless it is a case of real need.

Explanation: Until the start of the nine days there is no source for prohibiting trimming or styling a wig. However, during the nine days it is forbidden to modify clothing and seemingly the same would apply to a wig. Nonetheless, in a time of need, such as if the wig is not wearable the way it is then one may certainly do so.

Sources: See Piskeiy Teshuvos 551:20; Nitei Gavriel 21:5; 37:9 footnote 16

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