Daily Tanya Tuesday 6th Shevat: End of Chapter 17-Teshuvah is to return the Hei back to Hashem’s name

(LY) 6th Shevat

3.       Teshuvah is to return the Hei back to Hashem’s name

  • Lower Teshuvah-returning the “Hei”: This breaking of the heart in bitterness for past sins is considered the lower level of repentance and accomplishes the return of the lower letter “Hei” back to its place in the name of G-d.
  • The exile of the Divine presence which results from sin: Lower Teshuvah raises the “Hei” from its fall into the impure and unclean forces, which is the mystical state of exile for the Divine presence, as the sages state that when the Jewish people were exiled to Edom the Divine presence became exiled with them.
  • Exile of the G-dly soul and spark of G-d during sin: This is true because when a person performs a sin, which is an act of Edom, he demotes into this spiritual desert a spark of G-dliness which enlivens his soul and causes it to become invested within his animal soul which comes from Kelipa and is found in the left part of this heart. During the time of the sin, this animal soul of Kelipa is what rules over the person and controls his small city, which include also his G-dly soul which ends up being in exile and captivity within the animal soul and Kelipa.
  • Breaking the heart redeems the spark: When one’s heart breaks from within him, and he consequently breaks the spirit of the side of evil and causes it to disperse, it allows the G-dly spark to escape and reestablish itself from its state of exile.

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