Daily Tanya Monday 5th Shevat: Chapter 17-Middle-The purpose of love in the heart is to bring to fulfillment of Mitzvahs

(LY)5th Shevat

3.       The purpose of love in the heart is to bring to fulfillment of Mitzvahs:

  • Now, one should not think that this intellectual love which is merely a conclusion to love G-d but not an actual feeling of love for G-d, does not truly meet the standards and intent of the verse which requires one to serve G-d with his heart, as in truth, the entire purpose of loving G-d in one’s heart is simply for the sake of then serving G-d with observing Torah and Mitzvahs as this is the entire purpose of man.
  • Today do action, tomorrow reap reward: We were put in this world in order to perform the action of the Mitzvahs, as the verse states, “today is for you to do” and the Talmud states that only “tomorrow you will reap the reward.” Meaning, that our main purpose in this world is not to enjoy feelings of love for G-d, which is something that is reserved and will be experienced in the future era. Rather, our main purpose now in this world is to serve G-d through action, and to do that it is necessary to arouse at least a conclusion of love for G-d in the heart.
  • The mind controls all limbs of the body: Now, from birth, the mind naturally controls the left part of the heart, as well as one’s mouth and all the other limbs necessary to perform physical action. Accordingly, once the mind concludes that it should love G-d, it is then very easily attainable for it to control all of its limbs to actually do so.

4.       Reshaim do not have control over their hearts until they do Teshuvah:

  • The above ability to control the actions of one’s body through use of the mind applies to everyone with exception to those who are truly wicked [i.e. truly addicted to their bad ways], as our sages state that Reshaim are controlled by their hearts and do not have control over their hearts at all.
  • Is a punishment: This inability in Reshaim to control the heart is a punishment that results due to their great and powerful sins.
  • The intent of Scripture is not towards them: Now, although the Torah speaks to all the Jewish people at all times, this specific verse in Scripture which describes the service of G-d as very easily attainable is not intended for those people who are true Reshaim, as Reshaim are considered like dead even when they are alive, and the Torah does not speak to the spiritually dead individual.
  • Must repent in order to begin serving G-d: In truth, it is not possible for a Rasha to begin serving G-d without him first repenting for his past ways of behavior.
  • A division of iron between man and G-d: The repentance is necessary in order to break the iron divider of Kelipos that has been created as a result of his sins, which divides between him and his father in heaven.
  • How to break the division of iron Kelipos: This division of iron can only be broken through one breaking his heart in bitterness of the soul over his past sins. On this the Zohar states that a sacrifice for G-d is a broken spirit and broken heart, as through breaking one’s heart, the spirit of the side of evil also becomes broken.

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