Daily Tanya Tuesday, 22nd Kisleiv: Hakdamas Hamilaket-Authors introduction to Tanya-Part 2


(LY) 22nd Kisleiv

3.       To whom the material is geared towards:

  • Yechidus audience: The material in this book is geared towards each and every member of Anash in our provinces and those nearby, which I the author had spoken with in privacy, and with affection, and who revealed to me all of the secrets of their heart and mind regarding their difficulties in service of G-d. It is to them that this book is geared.


4.       The names of the book:

  • Likkutei Amorim: These pamphlets which are known as Kuntreisim are to be called by the name Likkutei Amorim.


5.       The source material of the Tanya:

  • Books and authors: The reason for this name is because this material has been gathered from different books and famous holy authors whose souls are in Eden.
  • Rabbis of holy land: Some of the teachings have been hinted to in the holy letters from our rabbis who lived in the holy land.
  • Oral teachings: Some of the teaching I heard from their own mouths while they were living amongst us.


6.       The content of the Tanya:

  • Replies to common questions: All of the teachings found within the book of Tanya are replies to the common questions that are asked by people in our province who are seeking advice in their service of G-d, each one to their level of service.
  • Book of all advice: Hence, the book of Tanya is a book of all the advice necessary for Jews who seek to serve G-d, and in it I have written all of the answers for all of their questions.


7.       Reason for writing the book:

  • No time for Yechidus: The reason that this advice has now been written in a book form rather than given by mouth in private audience, is because there is simply not enough time to personally answer every individual regarding their detailed questions.
  • Forgetfulness: Likewise, forgetfulness is common and therefore the advice has been documented on paper.


8.       Not to enter into Yechidus anymore for questions in Avodas Hashem:

  • All answers are within the book: Being that all the answers to all the questions in service of G-d are now documented in writing, and is available for everyone to see and remember, therefore one should no longer press to enter into a private audience in order to speak to me over such matters, as one will find answers and advice for all of his difficult and challenging questions in service of G-d and find tranquility for his soul within this book.
  • Trust G-d: He should trust in G-d that through this book he will find the answers to his questions.


9.       Helping others understand Tanya and give direction in Avodas Hashem-No false humility:

  • Consult with Mashpi’im: Whoever is not capable of understanding the necessary advice on their own from this book should speak to his local spiritual leaders and they will direct him in finding the answer to his questions.
  • False humility: I hereby request from the spiritual leaders not to act with false humility and refuse to give help and direction to these individuals under the cloak of ignorance and lack of being spiritually worthy of giving spiritual guidance.
  • Punishment for withholding information: It is well known the bitter punishment given for one who holds back spiritual sustenance from those in need, and the great reward given for those who provide it.
  • Reward for providing guidance: The reward given is that they themselves will merit to receive clarity in their own service of G-d and merit a revelation of G-d’s countenance.
  • A prayer for the future: May G-d merit us to reach the days in which no man will teach his fellow as everyone will know G-d as the land will be filled with the knowledge of G-d.

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