Daily Tanya 28th Adar 1: End of Chapter 32-The Mitzvah to love even those sinners that one is instructed to hate

(LY) 28th Adar 1

1.The Mitzvah to love even those sinners that one is instructed to hate:

  • Furthermore, even those sinners whom one is instructed to hate being that one has an intimate relationship with them, and he has reproved them, and they have still not repented from their ways, nonetheless, there still remains a Mitzvah to also love them.

2. How one can love and hate a person at the same time:

  • Loving the good and hating the evil: Both the command to hate this Jew and the command to love this Jew are true and viable to be fulfilled, as the hatred is only towards the evil that is within him, while the love is towards his good aspects that are hidden within him, which refers to the G-dly spark that enlivens his G-dly soul.
  • Arousing mercy for the sinner: Furthermore, one should also arouse mercy in his heart for the G-dly soul which is found in a state of exile inside of the evil of the transgressor.
  • Mercy has ability to nullify the hatred: This mercy that one arouses, has the ability to nullify the hatred towards this Jew and arouse love for him, as is known from the verse “and Jacob [i.e. compassion] which has redeemed Abraham [i.e. love].”

3. The Mitzvah to hate heretics:

  • An exception to all the above is with regards to those who are Halachically defined as heretics, towards whom one is instructed to hate them to the utmost [without any feeling of love or mercy for them].
  • The reason for this is because [they have lost all their good and] no longer have a portion in the G-d of Israel.

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