Daily Tanya 23rd Adar 2: Chapter 38-The concealment of the G-dly energy is equal in both the body and soul

(LY) 23rd Adar 2

  1. The concealment of the G-dly energy is equal in both the body and soul:
  • In both the body and soul of a creature, the G-dly light which enlivens it, is equally concealed and equally invested in concealing garments.
  • The reason and method for the concealment in this world: Being that both the body and soul exist in this world, their G-dly source both go through a descent through the chain of worlds. It goes through tremendously powerful contractions until it is invested in Kelipas Noga and able to enliven this physical and corporeal world, which includes all the permitted and pure matters of his world. Once it reaches this state of concealment, it can then serve as the medium to draw G-dly energy to the Kelipos and impure matters.
  1. The G-dly energy is nonetheless not equal in all creations:
  • The above equality only refers to the contraction of the G-dly energy and its investment in garments and Kelipas Nogah, however, the intensity of the Divine light allocated to the creations are not equal to all. Some go through a stronger and longer process of contraction, while others are more revealed and expanded.

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