Daily Tanya 20th Iyar Chapter 49-Contemplating the above creates a passion to attach to G-d


(LY) 20th Iyar

  1. Contemplating the above creates a passion to attach to G-d:
  • Intimacy with G-d with hugging and kissing: When one contemplates the above matters deeply in his thoughts and heart, this will consequently cause a reflective emotion of passionate and rapturous love to be revealed within his heart, and he will decide to overcome all impediments in order to attach to G-d and be incorporated within His Divine light in a great form of intimacy of hugging and kissing and attachment of the soul.

  1. Torah study-Attaches one to G-d and elevates the world:
  • In-depth Torah study: Now, how does one accomplish the above attachment to G-d, attaching his soul to the spirit of G-d? This is through the study of Torah, as the verse states “And these shall be on your heart, and you shall speak in them”
  • The unification of kissing through in-depth Torah study: It states in the Eitz Chaim that the main unification of kissing is accomplished through attaching one’s intellect to the intellect of G-d through studying Torah in-depth.
  • Unification of breath through verbalizing the words of Torah: In order to accomplish the above unity of kissing, one’s mouth is required to verbalize the words of Torah that he is studying. This exhales the breath and connects one’s spirit with the spirit of G-d.

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