Daily Tanach, Tuesday: Shmuel 1 Chapter 3: Shmuel becomes a Prophet 

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Chapter 3: Shmuel becomes a Prophet 


  1. The lack of prophecy: 
  • The lad Shmuel served G-d in front of Eily. The word of G-d [i.e. prophecy] was very scarce in those days, and there was hence no seer or prophet. 


  1. Shmuel hears the voice of G-d: 
  • Eily and Shmuel lay down to rest: On that day [that Elkana spoke with Eily70] Eily was lying in his set area [where the priests would sleep71]. His eyes became weakened and he could no longer see [very well72]. The light of G-d [on the Menorah] had yet to extinguish [any of its candles73] and Shmuel was lying down by the Chamber of G-d which held the Ark of G-d [i.e. By the area set aside for the Levites to guard the Temple74].  
  • G-d calls onto Shmuel who mistakes the voice for that of Eily’s: G-d called on to Shmuel [from the Kodesh Hakedoshim, from near where Eily was lying75], and Shmuel replied that here I am. Shmuel ran to Eily [thinking that it is he who had called him] and he told him that he is here as he is responding to having been called by him. Eily responded by saying that he did not call him at all and that he should return to sleep, and so Shmuel returned to lying down. G-d continued to call after Shmuel and Shmuel got up and went to Eily thinking that he had been summoned by him. He told Eily, “Here I am as you have called me.” Again, Eily replied that he had not called him at all and that he should return to sleep. Shmuel had not yet known G-d [i.e. Heard his voice in prophecy], as G-d had yet to reveal His voice to him. G-d called upon Shmuel for a third time, and again he got up and went towards telling him that he is here, as he has been called. Eily then understood that G-d is summoning the lad. Eily said to Shmuel that he should return to lie down and if he is called again, he should say to the voice “Speak, Oh G-d, as your servant is listening to your message.” So, Shmuel returned to lie in the set area.  


  1. The prophecy of Shmuel: 
  • G-d came and stood [before Shmuel in a prophetic vision76] and again called upon Shmuel as He did the previous times saying, “Shmuel, Shmuel.” Shmuel said to the voice, speak as your servant is listening. G-d relayed to Shmuel the following message:  
  • The prophecy of the exile of the Ark: I am going to do a great misfortune amongst the Jewish people which will cause the two ears of all people who hear of this to tremble [i.e. I will exile the Ark to the Philistines77].  
  • The prophecy of the punishment that the House of Eily would receive: On that day [of the war with the Philistines], I will place upon Eily all that I spoke that would occur to his home, and bring it to annihilation and decimation [as on that day began the curse of G-d that his sons Chafni and Pinchas would die and that all their descendants would die at the young age of 18 years old78]. I have already told him79 that I am judging his household for eternity, due to him being aware of the sin that his sons committed by cursing Me80 and not doing anything to protest them or remove them from their position. Therefore, I have sworn to the House of Eily that they will not receive atonement for the sin through bringing sacrifices and offerings, and this applies eternally. [However, they will receive atonement through the study of Torah and doing acts of kindness.81] 


  1. Eily forces Shmuel to tell him the prophecy:    
  • Shmuel went to lie down until the morning, and he opened the doors of the House of G-d [as he was an appointed gatekeeper in the Temple82]. [He did not go straight away to Eily to relay to him his vision as] Shmuel feared to tell Eily of the prophetic vision that he was told. 
  • Eily summoned Shmuel and said to him, “Shmuel my son”, and Shmuel appeared and said, “here I am.” Eily said to Shmuel: Tell me of the matter that G-d spoke to you. Do not conceal anything from me, as if you do then G-d will do to you and add to you [that which He said would occur to me] if you do not reveal to me everything of all the words that He spoke to you. So, Shmuel reluctantly told Eily all that he heard from G-d and did not conceal from him anything. Eily replied that it is G-d, and He may do that which is good in His eyes. 


  1. Shmuel becomes a Prophet amongst Israel: 
  • Shmuel grew up and G-d was with him. G-d made sure that none of his prophecies would fail to come true, and none of his words would fall to the ground. [This applied even towards predictions that Shmuel gave outside of prophetic vision.83] All the Jewish people from Dan until Bear Sheva knew that Shmuel was a trustworthy Prophet of G-d. G-d continued to appear in Shilo, as G-d would appear to Shmuel in Shilo with His messages for him.   

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