Daily Tanach Sunday: Yehoshua Chapter 1: Yehoshua takes over the leadership


Chapter 1: Yehoshua takes over the leadership

1.      Hashem instructs Yehoshua to lead the Jewish people into Israel:

  • After the death of Moshe, the servant of G-d, Hashem told Yehoshua Ben Nun, the apprentice of Moshe, to lead the Jewish people into the promised land [of Israel].
  • The borders of the land: “Everywhere that you will step will become yours. From the Lebanon desert until the great Euphrates river, the land of the Hittites until the Mediterranean will be your borders.”
  • Hashem promises victory: “No man will stand before you [to conquer you] during your entire life. I will not leave you or forsake you. Be strong [Chazak Veamatz] as you will inherit the promised land to the nation.”
  • Warning to follow the Torah: “However, be very careful to follow all the words of the Torah commanded by Moshe. Do not swerve from it to the right or left. May the words of this Sefer Torah never leave your mouth and you shall study it day and night [i.e. Vehigisa Bo Yomam Valayla] in order so you know how to guard that which is written in it, and then you will be successful.”

2.      Yehoshua instructs the police force to prepare the nation for the passage:

  • Bring weapons: Yehoshua commanded the nation’s police to go through the camp and prepare traveling gear [i.e. weapons] for the journey.
  • When: “In another three days you will cross this Jordon river to inherit the land which G-d promised you.”

3.      Yehoshua instructs the tribes of Reuvein, Gad and half of Menashe to lead the battle:

  • Yehoshua spoke to Reuvein, Gad and half of Menashe to remember the promise they made to Moshe that in exchange for receiving the land here, they will lead the military battle on behalf of their brothers, until they have conquered the land.
  • They replied to Yehoshua in total subordination that they will follow his every word just as they followed Moshe, on condition that Hashem be with him [i.e. Yehoshua] as he was with Moshe. They said: “Whoever does not obey your command will be put to death.”

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