Daily Tanach, Tuesday: Shoftim Chapter 4 Part 2-Sisra is killed

* The article below is an excerpt from the above Sefer

1.       Sisra prepares for battle:

  • Sisra was informed that Barak the son of Avinoam has gone up to Mount Tabor [to wage war against them]. Sisra then recruited all of his 900 iron chariots and all of his nations [soldiers] who were with him, and they went from Charoshes Hagoyim to the Kishon river.

2.       Barak attacks:

  • Devorah told Barak that he should go forward in battle as on this day Hashem has handed them Sisra into their hands, and Hashem will lead them in battle. Barak proceeded to descend the mountain of Tabor with his 10,000 men.
  • Hashem sowed confusion amongst Sisra and his army, and they were smitten by the sword of Barak. Sisra went off his chariot and fled on foot. Barak chased after the chariot of Sisra, and after his army, until Chershas Kohen. They smote the entire army of Sisra with the sword, and not one soldier remained.

3.       Sisra seeks refuge in the tent of Yael and is killed:

  • Sisra ran by foot to the tent of Yael the wife of Chever the Kini. There were peaceful relations between Yavin the king of Chatzor and between Chever the Kini.
  • Sisra settles in Yael’s tent: Yael went forward to greet Sisra and told him that he should enter her tent, and that he should not fear. He went to her tent and she covered him with a [large wool[1]] sheet. Sisra asked Yael to be given a little bit of water to drink, as he was very thirsty. Yael thus opened the canteen of milk and gave him to drink and covered him [with intent that he fall asleep[2]]. [The Sages explain that Yael had relations with Sisra no less than seven times, until he was completely exhausted, as will be explained in the next Chapter.] Sisra asked Yael to stand guard in front of the tent, and if anyone comes and asks her if any man is in the tent, she should say that it is empty.
  • Yael kills Sisra: Yael the wife of Chaver took the peg of the tent and placed the chisel in her hand, and she approached Sisra cautiously and discreetly. She went ahead and hammered the peg into his face, by his side, and he fell to the ground dead. [She hammered the peg through his entire head, from one ear through the other, until it penetrated the ground.[3]] Since he was exhausted and sleeping, he died right away.[4]
  • Barak finds Sisra dead: Barak was chasing Sisra and Yael went out to greet him and said to him, that he should follow her, and she will show him the person he is searching for. He entered her tent and saw Sisra dead in a fallen position with the peg through his skull.

4.       Yavin the king of Canaan is decimated:

  • G-d subdued on that day Yavin the king of Canaan, before the Jewish people. The hand of the Jewish people was strong upon Yavin the king of Canaan until he was annihilated.

[1] See Radak 4:18

[2] Rashi 4:19

[3] Pirush Rav Yeshaya 4:21

[4] See Metzudos David 4:21

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