Daily Tanach, Monday: Shoftim Chapter 1-Part 2 The conquering of Tzefas and other cities

* The article below is an excerpt from the above Sefer

1.       The Keini family of Yisro:

  • The sons of Keini, the father in law of Moshe, traveled from the city of dates [i.e. Jericho[1], where they dwelled amongst the Canaanites[2], as the ash of Jericho was given to them to benefit from until the Temple is built[3]] to the tribe of Yehuda [who had threatened to wage war against them[4]]. Yehuda dwelled at that time in the south, by Arad, and they traveled there and returned. [Some explain this to mean that the descendants of Yisro traveled to the tribe of Yehuda to learn Torah, and then returned to their city after becoming Torah scholars.[5]]

2.       Yehuda and Shimon conquer the city of Tzefas:

  • The tribes of Yehuda and Shimon waged battle against the Canaanites living in Tzefas, and they annihilated them, and they called the name of the city Charma.

3.       Yehuda conquers the Aza region:

  • Yehuda captured Aza and its surrounding cities, and Ashkelon and its surrounding cities , and Ikron and its surrounding cities.
  • Hashem was with Yehuda and he managed to [miraculously[6]] conquer the people on the mountain, although he was unable to conquer the people in the valley, being that they had strong metal chariots [and Hashem desired to keep them in Israel in order to challenge the Jewish people[7]].

4.       Kaleiv receives Chevron:

  • They gave Kaleiv the city of Chevron, as spoke Moshe, and he conquered the three giants from there.

5.       The Jebusites of Jerusalem:

  • The Jebusites [descendants of Avimelech[8]] who lived in [the suburb[9] of] Jerusalem were unable to be conquered by the tribe of Binyamin [due to the swear that was made to Avimelech[10]], until this very day [of the writing of Sefer Shoftim, until the times of David when they were finally conquered[11]].

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