Daily Chumash Thursday, Vaeira: The plague of lice



  • Moshe prays: Moshe and Aaron left the presence of Pharaoh and prayed to Hashem regarding the frogs. Hashem did as Moshe requested, and the frogs died within the houses and courtyards and fields. The dead frogs were heaped up into piles and they polluted the land.
  • Pharaoh refuses to let them go: Pharaoh saw that his country was relieved of the plague and he hardened his heart to not adhere to Hashem’s command to let the people go.

The plague of lice:

  • Hashem’s instructions to Moshe to perform the plague: Hashem told Moshe to tell Aaron to take the staff and hit the dust of the earth, and it will turn into lice. All of Egypt will be filled with lice.
  • Moshe and Aaron turn the dust of the land to lice: Moshe and Aaron did as G-d instructed them and he lifted the staff and struck the dust of the earth and there were lice all over the people and animals. All of the dust of Egypt turned to lice.
  • Egyptian sorcerers fail to replicate the miracle, but Pharaoh remains stubborn: The Egyptian sorcerers tried using witchcraft to do the same and were unsuccessful. They came to Pharaoh and told him that this plague is the hand of G-d. Pharaoh, however, hardened his heart and refused to adhere to Hashem’s demands.


The plague of wild animals [Arov]:

  • Hashem’s instructions to Moshe to warn Pharaoh and perform the plague: Hashem told Moshe: awaken early in the morning and greet Pharaoh by the river and tell him that Hashem demands that he let His people go so they can serve Him, and if you refuse to send them, I will send against you and your servants wild animals. The wild animals will fill the houses of Egypt and its grounds. I will distinguish on that day between the land of Goshen, on which my nation stands, by not having any wild animals there. You then shall know that I am G-d of the land.

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