Daily Chumash Friday, Beshalach: The Mun



  • The falling of the Mun: Hashem spoke to Moshe saying that He had heard the complaint of the Jewish people, and in the afternoon they will eat meat, while in the morning they will eat bread. So it was towards evening that the Slav pheasant bird ascended and covered the camp, and in the morning there was a layer of dew around the camp. The layer of dew then ascended and behold they saw on the face of the desert a thin item looking like frost on earth. The Jewish people looked at each other and exclaimed “It is Mun” as they did not know what to call it. Moshe then told them that this is the food that G-d has provided them to eat.
  • How much Mun each should take: Hashem commanded that each person is to take in accordance to what he eats, which is one Omer per person, in accordance to the number of members of one’s family. An Omer is 1/10th of an Eifa [2.49 liter]. The Jewish people did so, and some took too much, and some took too little. [Miraculously] whoever took more than necessary or less than necessary, found the exact amount in their possession.
  • Not to leave leftover Mun: Moshe instructed them not to leave any leftover Mun [that was taken] until morning. Some people did not listen to Moshe and left over the Mun past morning, and it became infested with worms and stunk. Moshe became angry with them. All the leftover Mun in the field which was not taken would melt in the sun.
  • The Friday double Mun portion: On Friday they gathered a double portion, two Omers per head, and the community leaders came to Moshe and informed him [of this anomaly]. Moshe told them that this was done because the next day is Shabbos, and they must bake and cook today for today, and all the leftovers are to be eaten the next day. So they did, and indeed the next day the leftover Mun remained without spoiling.
  • Keeping Shabbos: Moshe informed them on Shabbos that the Mun will not fall that day, and they are to only collect it six days a week. Nonetheless, some individuals went to the field on Shabbos to take the Mun and they did not find it. Hashem chastised Moshe saying “Until when will you refuse my commands? I have given you the resting day of Shabbos and therefore provided you with a double portion on Friday. No man shall leave his area on the seventh day.” So the Jewish people rested on the seventh day
  • Its taste and texture: The Jewish people called the food Mun , and it was like a coriander seed and had the taste of a wafer fried in honey.
  • Safekeeping some of the Mun as a reminder: Moshe stated that Hashem commanded that an Omer of the Mun is to be kept for safekeeping for all generations, so they see the bread that Hashem fed them in the desert when they left Mitzrayim. Moshe told Aaron to take a jar and place in it one Omer of Mun, and it was placed before Hashem (before the Aron) for safekeeping for all generations.
  • How long the Mun lasted: The Jewish people ate the Mun for 40 years, until they arrived at the border of the land of Canaan.

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