Daily Tanach Shmuel 2 Chapter 3 Part 1: Avner accepts the monarchy of Dovid and is assassinated

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Chapter 3: Avner accepts the monarchy of Dovid and is assassinated

1.      The battles between the household of Shaul and Dovid:

  • The state of war between the house of Shaul and household of Dovid was very lengthy. In the meantime, Dovid gained more and more strength while the house of Shaul became weaker and weaker.

2.      Dovid’s children:

  • Dovid had sons born to him in the city of Chevron. His eldest son’s name was Amnon the son of Achinoam, the Yizraelite.
  • His second son was Kilav the son of Avigail, the former wife of Naval the Carmelite. [An alternative name for him was Daniel, and he was called Kilav in order to negate the scoffers of the generation who would say that he was really the son of Naval, and hence Hashem did a miracle to make him look like his father.[1]]
  • His third son was Avshalom the son of Ma’acha, the daughter of Talmaiy who was the king of Geshore. [This wife was a captive of war and was taken based on the law of Yefas Toar.[2]]
  • His fourth son was Adoniyah, the son of Chagis.
  • His fifth son was Shefatya, the son of Avital.
  • His sixth son was Yisrom, the son of Egla the wife of Dovid. [This refers to Michal who was the daughter of Shaul and was Dovid’s wife. Now, although it states in Scripture that she did not merit to have any children, this is referring to from that time and onwards although prior to that time in Scripture, she did merit to have a child.[3] Alternatively, this does not refer to Michal but rather to a woman named Egla who originally was the wife of Shaul and was taken by Dovid as a wife after Shaul was killed.[4]]
  • All the above children were born to Dovid in the city of Chevron.

3.      Avner feels betrayed and decides to help the monarchy of Dovid:

  • During the period of war between the household of Shaul and the household of Dovid, Avner became very powerful within the house of Shaul [and did everything he can to establish the monarchy of the house of Shaul[5]].
  • Avner is accused of sleeping with the king’s mistress: Shaul had a concubine named Ritzpah the daughter of Aya. [Ish Boshes[6]] accused Avner saying, “Why did you sleep with my father’s concubine?” Avner became very angry with the accusation of Ish Boshes replying to him, “Am I the head [master in charge of guarding the[7]] dogs of the house of Judah [that you should accuse me like this]? Have I not done kindness with the house of Shaul, your father, and his brothers and his friends, and [also] I have not given you over to the house of Dovid, and now you are accusing me this sin of this woman?” Avner then made a swear, “So should G-d do to Avner and so he should add to him, as G-d’s word to Dovid [was that he would be king over Israel and therefore] so I will do for him [to assist him to become the king[8]] to help move the monarchy from the house of Shaul and to establish the throne of Dovid over all of Israel, and over Judah from Dan until Bear Sheva.” [Ish Boshes] was unable to say anything back to Avner being that he feared him.
  • Avner joins forces with Dovid: Avner sent distinguished messengers to Dovid to ask him to whom the land belongs to, and to make a pact and covenant with him. He said to him, “Make a covenant with me and my hand will be with yours to influence all the Jewish people to come under you.” Dovid replied to him, “it is good, I will make a treaty with you, however there is one thing that I ask from you, and that is that you should not come to see me before you bring to me Michal, the daughter of Shaul. Bring her to me when you come to greet me. “
  • Michal is returned to Dovid: So Dovid sent messengers to Ish Boshes the son of Shaul telling him, “Give me my wife Michal that I had consecrated with 100 foreskins of the Philistines.” So Ish Boshes sent her to Dovid. He took her away from her man [that Shaul had given her to, who was named] Paltiel Ben Layish. Her husband escorted her [to Dovid] and he cried behind her throughout the journey of escorting her, until he arrived to the area of Bachurim, when Avner told him to go and return, and so he returned.

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