Chapter 309

Chapter 309 Is moving an item indirectly permitted on Shabbos Introduction: This chapter will discuss the laws of Muktzah items as they relate to being moved in the process of moving non-Muktzah items. For example, may one lift up his child that is holding a Muktzah item in his hand? […]

Chapter 308

Chapter 308 The Items which are permitted and prohibited from moving on Shabbos Introduction Our sages decreed that one may not move certain items on Shabbos in their usual way. This chapter will discuss the details of this restriction, with regards to which type of vessels the restriction applies to, […]

Chapter 259

Chapter 259 Miscellaneous laws of insulating and Muktzah [relevant to insulating] Introduction: The following chapter will discuss the laws of Muktzah which are relevant to the different forms of insulating materials, which may be used to insulate ones hot food for Shabbos. As well the laws regarding a plastered oven […]

Chapter 258

Chapter 258 It is permitted to place before Shabbos a cold item on top of something hot Halacha 1        It is permitted to insulate, [a pot with material that does not add heat,] before Shabbos, whether [the food in the pot is] hot or cold food, [and to then place […]

Chapter 257

Chapter 257 The Laws of insulating hot foods Introduction: In the previous chapters the laws relevant to leaving food on a flame from before Shabbos and placing it there on Shabbos were discussed. In the following chapter the laws of insulating a food before Shabbos and on Shabbos will be […]

Chapter 256

Chapter 256 The six horn blasts that were blown before Shabbos. Halacha 1 Announcing that Shabbos is coming some time before Shabbos: At the time that the Jews were properly settled the Sages instituted to blow six blasts from a high area, in order to stop the people from work […]

Chapter 255

Chapter 255 Preparing a fire before Shabbos comes in Introduction: The previous chapters dealt with the laws regarding leaving food on a fire from before Shabbos. The following chapter will deal with the laws of how the fire has to be lit before Shabbos in order for it to be […]

Chapter 254

Chapter 254 Laws of foods which are prepared before Shabbos which will finish cooking on Shabbos. Introduction: The following chapter will continue to discuss the laws of Shehiyah which were explained in the beginning of the previous chapter. It will discuss the laws of placing food directly over a fire, […]

Chapter 253

Chapter 253 The laws of Shehiyah [leaving a food on the fire on Erev Shabbos for the Shabbos meals] Halachas 1-13 The different types of ovens and their relative laws: The laws of the Kirah oven: Halacha 1: What is the Kirah oven? A Kirah oven is made like a […]

Bikur Cholim on Shabbos

Bikur Cholim on Shabbos:[1] It is permitted to visit the sick on Shabbos.[2] Nevertheless [one is not to arrange to visit the sick specifically on Shabbos and is rather to arrange to visit him during the week as] it was with difficulty that the Sages allowed visiting the sick on […]