Drawing sun, moon, stars


May one draw a sun, moon or stars?[1]

It is forbidden to make a sculpture of a sun, moon or stars. It is likewise forbidden to engrave them in any way, whether intruding or protruding. It is also forbidden to draw them in any way, whether with a pen or pencil.[2] This however only applies when making an engraving or drawing for non-learning purposes; it is however permitted to draw them, or engrave them in even a protruding manner, if it is for learning purposes.[3] Likewise it is only forbidden to draw them in their full structure, such as a whole sun or a whole shape of a moon[4], it is however permitted to draw an incomplete picture of them.[5]

[1] Michaber 141/4

[2] Implication of Michaber ibid that drawing is forbidden, as it makes no difference if it is protruding or not; Kitzur SHU”A 168/1; Sheilas Yaavetz 1/101; Yad Efraim

[3] Michaber ibid

[4] This prohibition includes even a non-full moon, such as the shape of the moon in the beginning of the month. [Darkei Teshuvah 141/37]

Other opinions: Some Poskim rule that only a hole moon is forbidden. [Mahram Alshich 77, brought in Darkei Teshuvah 141/38]

[5] Shach 141/25

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