Working on Tishe Beav

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Working on Tisha B’av:[1]

Today, the accepted custom is to avoid doing any form of work on Tisha B’av if the work requires some time to be performed.[2] The prohibition applies [from the night of Tisha B’av[3]] until midday.[4] All work which requires only minimal time to be done, such as lighting a match and making a knot, may be done even before midday.[5] Whoever does work on Tisha B’av [to the extent that his mind is diverted from the mourning[6]] will not see blessing from that work.[7]

Housework:[8] Even housework should be avoided from being done until after midday.

Having a gentile do work on one’s behalf:[9] It is permitted to have a gentile do work on one’s behalf on Tisha B’av.

Doing work to prevent loss: [10] It is permitted to do work to prevent financial loss.

Preparing food:[11] The custom is not to slaughter meat and not to prepare food [for after the fast] until after midday.



May one wash dishes on Tisha B’av?[12]

One may wash dishes after midday.


May one work on the night of Tisha B’av?[13]



May one mop and sweep the floor?[14]

One may sweep and mop the floor after midday. Some have the custom to specifically sweep their floor after midday of Tisha B’av in order to tidy their home for the coming of Moshiach, and instill faith of his coming in their hearts.


May one write a letter?[15]

One may write a letter after midday.[16]


May one write on Tisha B’av prior to midday?[17]

Some Poskim[18] rule one may write on Tisha B’av even prior to midday, even without using a Shinuiy. Other Poskim[19] rule one is not to write prior to midday. Practically, if the matter is important and one suspects he may forget, one may write a note on the matter.[20]

Words of Torah:[21] Some Poskim[22] rule it is forbidden to write words of Torah novella on Tisha B’av.[23] Practically, It is permitted to write words of Torah that relate to Tisha B’av, even prior to midday and without a Shinuiy, if one suspects he may forget the novelty if it is not written down.

Typing: It is permitted to type even prior to midday [so long as one does not remove himself from the Avelius atmosphere].[24]


May one trim his mustache on Tisha B’av?[25]

It is forbidden to trim the mustache on Tisha B’av, even if one is not fasting.


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