The Mitzvos of the Karban Pesach

The Mitzvos:

There is a total of 16 Mitzvos related to the Karban Pesach, four positive commands and twelve negative commands. These commands involve the Mitzvah of offering the Karban Pesach as well as the Mitzvah of eating the Karban Pesach. These Mitzvos include:


Positive commands:

  1. Mitzvah 5/Positive 4: To slaughter the Pesach offering on the 14th of Nissan.
  2. Mitzvah 6/Positive 5: To eat the meat of the Korban Pesach on the night of the 15th.
  3. Mitzvah 380; Positive 151: For anyone who was unable to bring the Karban Pesach before Pesach to perform the Pesach Sheiyni on the 14th of Iyar
  4. Mitzvah 381; Positive 152: For those obligated in the Pesach Sheiyni to eat it’s meat with Matzah and Maror.

Negative commands:

  1. Mitzvah 7/Negative 2: Not to eat the Pesach lamb raw or cooked, but only roasted.
  2. Mitzvah 8/Negative 3: Not to leave leftovers of the Pesach lamb.
  3. Mitzvah 13/Negative 6: Not to feed the meat of the Pesach sacrifice to a heretic Jew.
  4. Mitzvah 14/Negative 7: Not to feed the Pesach lamb to a gentile [even] if he is a Toshev Vesachir.
  5. Mitzvah 15/Negative 8: Not to remove the meat of the Pesach offering from the Chaburah [i.e. group of people that it is being eaten with].
  6. Mitzvah 16/Negative 9: Not to break a bone from the Pesach sacrifice.
  7. Mitzvah 17/Negative 10: That an Aral [i.e. uncircumcised Jew] not eat from the meat of the Pesach offering.
  8. Mitzvah 89; Negative 53: Not to slaughter the Pesach offering on the 14th of Nissan while still owning Chametz in one’s possessions.
  9. Mitzvah 90; Negative 54: Not to leave the parts of the Pesach offering, and other offerings, that need to be offered to the altar, until morning. [i.e. Nosar]
  10. Mitzvah 382; Negative 230: The prohibition to leave any leftovers from the meat of the Pesach Sheiyni.
  11. Mitzvah 383; Negative 231: The prohibition to break the bones of the Pesach Sheiyni sacrifice.
  12. Mitzvah 487/Negative 286: Not to bring the Pesach Sacrifice on a private altar [i.e. Bama].

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