A. May one harvest his field during Shemitah for purposes of distribution?[1]

One may not harvest his field in the normal method. He is to harvest only small areas at a time, and preferably use his hands. One is not to cut the fruits off the trees using a regular fruit cutting scissor and is rather to use a knife.


How much produce may one take at a time for his personal use?[2]

Some Poskim rule that the amount that is permitted to be taken from the field is the amount of food needed for a few days worth. Others[3]  however say one may only take three meal’s worth of produce.


B. May one cut branches off a tree for the purpose of using them?[4]

Yes. However he must intend not to benefit the tree in the process.



May one cut Sechach during Shemitah to use for his Sukkah?[5]

Yes. However it is best to do so in an irregular method than that used for trimming trees.


May one cut branches of a fruit tree?[6]

One may only do so if the tree has grown its fruit at least 1/3 of their growth, or if the tree has not yet begun to produce any fruit.[7]


Does Sechach have Kedushas Sheviis?[8]


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