Diminishing comfort when sleeping

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Diminishing comfort when sleeping:[1]

Sleeping on the floor or with a stone under the head: Some people are accustomed to sleep on the floor on the night of Tisha B’av.[2] Some people are accustomed to place a stone under their head when they sleep.[3] [The Chabad custom is not to sleep on the ground or sleep with a stone under the head (however one is to diminish in comfort, as stated next).[4]]

Diminishing in comfort of sleep:[5] [Even those who do not abide by the above custom] are to diminish their sleeping comfort on Tisha B’av, such as if one normally sleeps with two pillows, he is to sleep with one pillow.[6]

Pregnant women and people who are weak:[7] A pregnant woman for whom it is difficult to have discomfort in her sleep, is not required to abide by any of the above customs. [Likewise, one who is weak is not required to be stringent in this matter and may hence sleep on his bed as usual.[8]]



May one say good night to another prior to going to sleep?[9]

Yes.[10] However some[11] write one is to avoid doing so.


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