Davening without a Minyan

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Should one who is praying Musaf in private blow Shofar during Musaf?[2] One who is Davening  Musaf in private [i.e. without a Minyan] is not to make an interval to blow the Shofar in between the blessings. This applies even if he has another person available to blow for him, nevertheless he may not stop to hear it.[3]

If one is Davening without a Minyan, when is he to blow the Shofar to fulfill his Biblical obligation, before or after Musaf?[4] If one is Davening without a Minyan it is proper for him hear [or blow] the Biblical amount of blows, which are three times of each set of Tashrat, Tashat and Tarat, prior to Musaf.



If one is Davening without a Minyan how many sounds is he to blow?

From the letter of the law he must only hear 30 sounds, which are three sets of each Tashrat, Tashat and Tarat[5], and is not required to hear any additional sound to make up the sounds he is missing from the Musaf prayer.[6] [Nevertheless the custom is to blow the Shofar after Musaf in order to complete the 100 sounds.[7]]

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[3] As the institution of the Sages was only made by a congregation. [Admur ibid; M”B 592/6] The Levush however writes that the reason is because doing so is considered an interval in the Shemoneh Esrei of a Yachid. Veztaruch Iyun if Admur is saying a difference in ruling than the Levush. See Kaf Hachaim 592/12

Other Poskim: Some Poskim rule that even if one is Davening alone he may blow Shofar if he so chooses, even though he is not obligated to do so. [Maaseh Rokeaich; Radbaz 2/347; brought in Shaareiy Teshuvah 592; Kaf Hachaim 592/11] Practically the Poskim negate this opinion. [Birkeiy Yosef 592/1; Shaareiy Teshuvah ibid; and so rule the Achronim-Kaf Hachaim ibid] However see Shaar Yissachar 2/35 who defends the opinion of the Ridbaz ibid and so rules the Daas Torah 592. See Sdei Chemed R”H 2/36.

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The reason: This is done in order to confuse the Satan prior to him beginning his prayer. [Levush; see Admur ibid] Alternatively it is done because of Zerzin Makdimin Lemitzvos. [Derisha 592/2]

Other Opinions: Many Poskim rule that if one is Davening without a Minyan he is to blow the Shofar, to fulfill his Biblical obligation, after Musaf. [Rashi; Razah; Ramban in Milchamos; Tosafus 33b brought in Erech Hashulchan 592/4; Kneses Hagedola 592/2 that so is the custom today]

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