Rosh Chodesh reminders

Rosh Chodesh Checklist & Reminders

General Laws:

  • Work/Sewing/Laundry: Women refrain from work on Rosh Chodesh. Avoid sewing and laundry
  • Cutting nails, hair: Do not cut the hair [of the head] or nails on Rosh Chodesh. If Rosh Chodesh falls on Erev Shabbos one who cuts his nails every Erev Shabbos may do so now as well.
  • Eat a festive meal: One is to have a festive meal on the day [not night] of Rosh Chodesh. It is best to wash on bread for this meal. One must eat or drink something before midday of Rosh Chodesh.
  • Increase in charity
  • Avoid visiting a cemetery
  • Learning Tehillim: Learn a verse from the chapter of Tehillim that corresponds to your age with the commentary of Rashi. Arrange to learn a certain amount of verses each Rosh Chodesh so by the concluding year of age one will have learned all of his verses on Rosh Chodesh with the commentary of Rashi.



  • A mourner does not Daven for the Amud
  • Yaleh Veyavo in Davening: Recite Yaaleh Veyavo in Maariv, Shacharis and Mincha. We do not announce Yaaleh Veyavo prior to Maariv or Shacharis. If one forgot to recite it by Maariv, Shemoneh Esrei is not required to be repeated, although one may do so as a Toras Nedava. By Shacharis and Mincha Shemoneh Esrei must be repeated. By Shacharis, if one only remembered that he forgot Yaaleh Veyavo after Davening Musaf, he is not to repeat Shemoneh Esrei. If one is in doubt whether he said Yaaleh Veyavo by Shacharis or Mincha, one is to complete the Shemoneh Esrei and repeat Shemoneh Esrei again as a Nidava.
  • Hallel: Recite a blessing before and after Hallel even if Davening in private. When Davening with a Minyan many are accustomed to say the blessing to themselves together with the Chazan, or directly before or afterwards. Hallel may be recited anytime throughout the day, until Tzeis Hakochavim. Nevertheless place effort to Daven on pace with the Minyan so one can recite Hallel with the congregation. Stand throughout the recital of Hallel. Recite the verse of Avraham Zakein three times at the conclusion of Hallel.
  • Recite Kaddish Tiskabel after Hallel.
  • Recite Shir Shel Yom, Hoshieinu and Barchi Nafshi. Beis Yaakov and Tehila Ledavid are omitted.
  • Torah reading: Read four Aliyos from the Torah after Barchi Nafshi.
  • Recite Ashreiy and Uva Letziyon. Omit Lamnatzeiach. The Chazan does not conclude aloud the end of Uva Letziyon. Return the Torah to the Ark after Uva Letziyon.
  • Musaf: Wear Rabbeinu Tam before Musaf. Remove all Tefillin before Kaddish of Musaf. The Chazan is to recite a Psalm before Kaddish of Musaf. One recites Keser in Kedusha.
  • Recite Lamnatzeiach in Tehillim after Davening.
  • Shabbos Rosh Chodesh: Recite Yaaleh Veyavo in Shemoneh Esrei of Maariv, Shacharis and Mincha. In Musaf recite Ata Yatzarta. Remove two Torah scrolls for the Torah reading and reading the Maftir and Haftorah from Rosh Chodesh. If the next day is also Rosh Chodesh, read the first and last verse of Machar Chodesh after the Haftorah of Rosh Chodesh.



  • Yaaleh Veyavo in Bentching: Recite Yaleh Veyavo in Bentching. If began eating before Rosh Chodesh and is Bentching on Rosh Chodesh, then if ate Kezayis at night, recite Yaaleh Veyavo. If began eating on Rosh Chodesh and is Bentching at night after Rosh Chodesh, recite Yaaleh Veyavo unless already Davened Maariv.
  • Don’t repeat Bentching if forgot Yaaleh Veyavo. If remember before beginning “Baruch ..Hatov Vihameitiv” recite the blessing of Baruch Ata Hashem Elokeinu Melech Haolam Shenasan Roshei Chodoshim Leamo Yisrael Lezikaron”.
  • Migdol: Recite Migdol instead of Magdil in the Harachaman’s.

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