Sobering up

Sobering up on Shabbos using different tactics:[1]

Using an oil and salt mixture: Similarly one who is drunk of which his cure [to make him sober] is to smear [a mixture of[2]] oil and salt on the palms of his hands and feet, it is permitted to smear [the oil] on them on Shabbos for the above mentioned reason [that normally there is no medication administered for this ailment].

Sniffing ash: One may not learn from this the allowance that some places have accustomed themselves to sniff ash of a grinded herb into ones nostrils in order to sober up from ones drunken state, because this ash has similar affects to medication regarding other matters as well, and it is thus relevant to decree upon it that one may come to grind herbs.    


Summary-Sobering up on Shabbos using different tactics:

One who is drunk may sober himself up by smearing a mixture of oil and salt on the palms of his hands and feet. However one may not sniff a medicinal ash to sober himself up.    

[1] 328/46

[2] Mishneh Berurah 128

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