Rabbinical Melachos

The Rabbinical Melachos:[1]

It is Rabbinically forbidden to perform any of the following Melachos [even during Biblical Shemitas]:

  1. Covering the produce as protection from the sun.
  2. Weeding [Nikush]
  3. Idur [Digging around roots]
  4. Watering [Haskah]
  5. Fertilizing [Zibul]
  6. Yibul-Cutting a Yaboles from a tree
  7. Piruk-Removing dry branches and leaves from a tree
  8. Ivuk- Covering the roots with earth
  9. Grooming the branches
  10. Harkava-Grafting
  11. Powdering the tree with growth vitamins
  12. Removing rocks from on top of the roots-Sikul
  13. Ishun: To smoke the tree to kill the worms.


May a Jew perform Melacha to the land of a gentile?[2]


[1] See Rambam 1/5

[2] Sheves Haaretz 8/8 3-4

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