It is forbidden to massage one’s body with force even for mere pleasure. It goes without saying [that this is forbidden to be done] in order to exercise and sweat.

With oil: [2] It is permitted to smear [oil] [See “The laws of oiling ones body” regarding using scented oils] and massage [it] with ones hand over ones entire body for pleasure so long as it is done differently then how it is done during the week, meaning that he is to oil and massage simultaneously [as opposed to first smearing the oil and then massaging it], [as well as that] he is to not apply force [with his hands] but rather is to do it with his hands gently.


Giving a massage:

Is only allowed to be done gently, and not for purpose of sweating or exercise, and if oil is being used one may only do so by smearing the oil simultaneously to giving the massage.


[1] 328/47

[2] 327/1

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