Kneading is one of the Biblically forbidden Shabbos labors. There is a dispute dating back to the Talmud which is likewise disputed in the codifiers, as to what constitutes kneading and as to which materials are forbidden to be kneaded. The rule is that we are stringent like all opinions[1]. It is incumbent for the learner to read the summary being that many details regarding the final Halacha are based on rulings mentioned in other places of Admur, as the current Halacha was partially omitted. The summary is based on the noted Sefer “Ketzos Hashulchan”.


Kneading is one of the principal Shabbos prohibited actions.[2] [Two opinions exist regarding what is the definition of kneading, and what mixtures are considered to be kneaded.]


[1] Ketzos Hashulchan 130 footnote 1

[2] 321/16

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