Havdalah on Motzei Pesach

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Havdalah on Motzei Pesach:

The order of Havdalah follows the same order as any Motzei Yom Tov, or Motzei Shabbos if Yom Tov fell on Shabbos]. See Chapter 13 Halacha 11!

Beer:[1]  It is accustomed to be lenient to make Havdalah over beer on Motzei Pesach even if one has much wine at home available.[2] Nevertheless, if the beer is not currently beloved to the person, it is better to make Havdalah over wine even on Motzei Pesach. Furthermore, the above allowance only applies in those areas that beer is considered a significant drink. [The Chabad custom is not to make Havdalah on beer on Motzei Pesach.[3]]


[1] Admur 296:10; Rama 296:2

[2] As at that time the beer is more beloved to a person than is wine. [ibid]

Other Opinions: Some Poskim rule based on Kabala that one is to always say Havdalah over wine rather than other beverages even if the beer is more beloved. [Kaf Hachaim 296:26]

[3] Otzer Minhagei Chabad Pesach p. 238

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