From the Rav’s Desk: Harvesting grapes

  1. Question: [Sunday 6th Tishrei 5781]

I live in Eretz Yisrael and am scheduled to harvest grapes this week. Is there any Shemita restrictions involved in me doing so?



No. The grapes which grew before the start of Shemita may be harvested as usual.

Explanation: The harvesting regulations during Shemita only apply to produce that has the status of Kedushas Shevi’is. Thus, all tree produce [with exception to Esrogim and lemons] that grew prior to the Shemita year, known as 6th year produce, since they do not contain Kedushas Shevi’is, they may be harvested as usual in the 7th year.

Sources: See Chazon Ish 3:23; 12:7; 22:2; Halichos Hashevi’is 8:2

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