From the Rav’s Desk: Crushing Doritos into ones salad on Shabbos

  1. Question: [Thursday, 10th Kisleiv 5781]

Is one allowed to crush Doritos or other types of chips into his salad on Shabbos. Basically, I love eating my salad together with crushed Doritos and would like to know if it is permitted for me to do on Shabbos as well?


It is permitted to be done to all previously ground chips, such as Doritos which is made from ground corn, and is thus similar to a cracker, as the grinding prohibition does not apply to foods already previously ground. However, chips and snacks that are made from whole pieces of fruit or vegetable retain the grinding prohibition, and hence it would be forbidden to grind regular whole potato chips into one’s salad due to the grinding prohibition unless it is done with the great irregularity, such as using the back of a knife to smash it. However, potato chips made from ground potato flour, would not retain a grinding prohibition, just like Doritos. However, according to some opinions, even by whole chips it nonetheless remains permitted to crush the chips using one’s hand directly prior to eating the salad. According to this approach, it would also be permitted to stomp on the potato chip bag using one’s fists or feet until everything is crushed to put into one’s salad right away for it to be eaten right away. [With one’s feet one can argue that it may be done even for later use being that is considered a great irregularity.]

Sources: see regarding the general grinding prohibition: Admur 321:10-11; Michaber 321:12; Shabbos 74; see regarding the allowance to grind pre-ground products: Admur 321:10; 504:6; Rama 321:12; 504:3 regarding Matzos; Rashbam in Hagahos Maimanis 21:Ayin; Ran Perek Klal Gadol; Smag 65; Mordechai 365; Maharil; See also Admur 446:5-6 regarding destroying Chameitz on Shabbos:Yom Tov by crumbling it into the wind See regarding crushing with one’s hands and its status regarding vegetables that are eaten right away: Tehila Ledavid 321:10; Shevisas Shabbos Tochein 6; P”M 321 A”A 2; Shabbos Kehalacha 21:45; Piskeiy Teshuvos 321:9

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