Elisha miraculously provides food during famine:

Melachim 2 Chapter 4

Elisha miraculously provides food during famine:

  • Poisonous mushrooms are accidentally fed to the students: Elisha returned to Gilgal and there was a famine in the land, and the disciples of the prophets were sitting before him. Elisha instructed his servant to prepare a large pot on top of the fire and cook a stew for the students. One of the students went out to the field to gather herbs to be cooked and he found a vine in the field and gathered from it wild [poisonous[1]] mushrooms until his garment was full. He came and threw them into the pot of stew, as they did not know [that it was poisonous]. The students each had a bowl poured for them to eat and in the midst of their eating they realized that they were eating poison [as the food was extremely bitter[2]], that they cried out to Elisha and said, “There is death in the pot” and they could not continue to eat.
  • Elisha fixes the poisonous food with flour: Elisha instructed them to place flour into the pot, and then instructed all the students to eat from it and indeed they could taste no more harmful substances in the pot.
  • Elisha is given bread which miraculously feeds all the students: A man arrived from the country of Baal-Shalishah, and he brought to Elisha bread of Bikkurim, twenty loaves of barley bread, and sheaves of fresh grain in their shells, and Elisha instructed for the bread to be given to the students for them to eat. His servant however exclaimed that there is not enough bread to go around for all the one hundred men. But, Elisha persisted and said that the bread should be given to them to eat, for so has Hashem said that they should eat it and there will even be leftovers. And so it was that the bread was placed before them, and they ate and there were leftovers as Hashem had promised.

[1] Rashi 4:39

[2] Radak 4:39

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