An Avel on Tisha Beav

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May an Avel go to Shul?[1]

An Avel within Shiva may attend Shul on the night of Tisha B’av, and by day until the completion of the Kinos.[2] [He is not to go to Shul for Mincha.[3]] This applies even within the first three days of Aveilus.[4] However some Poskim[5] are stringent and rule that if the Avel is within the first three days of mourning, he is not to attend the Shul. Others say he is to only attend during the day and not at night.[6]

Onen:[7] An Onen does not go to Shul on Tisha B’av until after the burial. [However, Admur[8] rules that a son which is an Onen on his father may go to Shul and say Kaddish for his father.[9] Practically, so is the Chabad custom.[10] The Rebbe said Kaddish while he was an Onen for his mother, Rebbetzin Chana, and his wife, Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka.[11] Nevertheless, the Onen is to only participate in the Kaddish and is not to recite Kinos or any of the prayers.[12]]


Does an Avel Daven for the Amud on Tisha B’av?

Yes.[13] However, some[14] write he is not to do so, just like on a Yom Tov.


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