Traveling to Jerusalem

To browse the Purim database, click here A. Lives in a city of 14th and traveled to a city that celebrates on the 15th [i.e. Jerusalem]:[1] Plans to leave the city which celebrates on the 15th before Alos of the 15th: One who lives in a city that celebrates on the 14th […]

Seudas Purim

      Purim Seuda:     It is a Mitzvah to eat a lavish and festive meal on Purim. This Mitzvah is a Biblical command, as rejoicing on Purim is from the words of Scripture which has the same power as the words of Torah. One fulfills his obligation […]

Matanos Laevyonim

    Matanos Laevyonim: The Mitzvah: Every Jew is obligated to give at least two presents to two paupers, [one present to each pauper]. Who is obligated? Both men and women are obligated in the Mitzvah of Matanos Laevyonim. Married women are to be stringent to give Matanos Laevyonim on behalf […]

Mishloach Manos

  The reason behind sending Mishloach Manos:[1]     The reason why the Sages instituted sending gifts on Purim is disputed amongst Poskim. The following are the opinions and practical ramifications.           Opinion of Manos Levi[2]-Increase friendship:     Some Poskim[3] rule the purpose of Mishloach Manos […]

Megillah reading

Megillah Reading Who is obligated in the Megillah reading? Every Jew is obligated in the Megillah reading. This obligation includes women. Children [boys and girls, who have reached the age of Chinuch], are educated to hear the Megillah once by night and once by day. When is it read? One […]

Rosh chodesh Adar

To browse our Rosh Chodesh Database-please click here   Marbim Besimcha:[1] One is to increase in joy throughout the month of Adar.[2] [Hence one is to rejoice himself, his wife and children during this month, similar to the Mitzvah of rejoicing them on Yom Tov.[3] Included in this Mitzvah is increasing in all matters […]

Parshas Zachor & Zayin Adar

    Zayin Adar:  Moshe Rabbeinu was born and passed away on Zayin Adar.[1]One is to increase in joy on this day.[2] Some are accustomed tofast.[3] This is not the Chabad custom.[4] However one should increase in charity on this day in exchange for the fast.[5] Some do not say Tachanun on this day.[6]   Parshas […]

Parshas Shekalim

This article is an excerpt from our Sefer Buy me on Parshas Shekalim: The reason for reading Parshas Shekalim: [1] The Torah requires that the sacrifices of the Temple be bought using the money of the new Shekalim fund, each year beginning from the month of Nissan. Thus the collection of […]