Forbidden Mixtures

The Mixtures that are not allowed to be kneaded: [1] A. First opinion: Biblically: One only Biblically transgresses kneading with materials which are kneadable, such as flour or earth used for bricks of a building. However ash and course sand and crushed grain and parched flour and the like are […]

The definition of kneading

The definition of kneading-Placing liquid in a food or mixing it in?[1]  First opinion[2]: One does not Biblically transgress kneading by placing water [See Q&A regarding other liquids] into flour alone, but rather one must knead them together as is done during the week.[3] Second Opinion[4]:  [One Biblically transgresses kneading […]


Kneading is one of the Biblically forbidden Shabbos labors. There is a dispute dating back to the Talmud which is likewise disputed in the codifiers, as to what constitutes kneading and as to which materials are forbidden to be kneaded. The rule is that we are stringent like all opinions[1]. […]

Making Kiddush as soon as arrive home

Making Kiddush as soon as one arrives home:[1] It is a Mitzvah Min Hamuvchar[2] to recite Kiddush as close to the entrance of Shabbos as possible.[3] [This especially applies if one has hungry guests or family members waiting to start the meal.[4] It goes without saying that one should not […]

Drying the Kiddush cup

Drying the inside of a cup on Shabbos:[1] It is forbidden to dry a wet cup with a cloth [or tissue or napkin[2]] on Shabbos.[3] This applies whether the cup is wet due to water, wine or other beverages.[4] This prohibition applies even against using a cloth which one is […]