Tasting food

Tasting the foods on Erev Shabbos:[1] One is to taste the Shabbos foods on Erev Shabbos [to see if they need anything added to them in order to ensure their tastiness[2]]. [Nevertheless this was not seen to be the custom of the Previous Rebbe.[3]] It is proper to taste each […]

Setting up the Shabbos table

Setting the table for Shabbos:[1] When to set the table:[2] One[3] is to set up the Shabbos table [including its chairs[4]] on Erev Shabbos in preparation for the Friday night meal.[5] [The silverware and china are to be clean and polished for the meal.[6] There is no need however to […]

Sharpening knives

Sharpening knives on Erev Shabbos:[1] One is to beware to sharpen the [kitchen] knives every Erev Shabbos, as preparing oneself for eating is included within the honor of Shabbos.[2] In addition [at times] one needs to sharpen the knives for the sake of Shalom Bayis [marital harmony], such as if […]

Keeping floor clean

Not to dirty one’s floor by the Shabbos meals:[1] It is proper[2] to beware at the night and day meal from dirtying one’s floor by throwing food remnants onto it.[3] Rather one is to throw the remnants onto the tablecloth which is on the table and after the meal one […]

Cleaning preparations

Cleaning the house for Shabbos:[1] One is to clean and tidy all matters of his house so that when he comes home from Shul the house is found clean and organized.[2] [The floors are to be swept and cleaned.[3] When cleaning the house for Shabbos one should mention that he […]

Designating food for shabbos

Food designated for Shabbos:[1] If one was given food for Shabbos it should not be eaten during the week. This is an act of piety, although from the letter of the law there is no prohibition in the matter.[2] [1] 242/8 [2] This can be learned from the law in […]

Separating challah

Separating Challah:[1] The amount of dough needed to separate with a blessing: One may only separate Challah with a blessing if he has 1,666.6 grams of flour.[2] If one has less than this amount but more than 1,250 grams[3] he is to separate Challah without a blessing. How much dough […]

Baking Challahs

Baking Challahs:[1] It is customary for every household to bake Challahs for Shabbos which are used for Lechem Mishneh and not to buy them at the bakery as is done during the week. This matter of baking one’s own Challah is included in the honoring of Shabbos and Yom Tov […]

Borrowing money

Borrowing money and taking money from charity for the sake of the Shabbos meals: Borrowing money to enhance Shabbos:[1] If one does not have money for Shabbos expenses he is to borrow money if he has an item which is able to be given as collateral to the lender[2].[3] Nonetheless, […]

How much to enhance shabbos

How much should one spend in order to enhance Shabbos and what should be part of the Shabbos menu? The foods eaten to fulfill the mitzvah of Oneg Shabbos vary in accordance to each countries definition of a luxurious food. Thus those foods and beverages which considered delicacies in ones […]