Matters which take more time

Matters which take time may be done before she reaches the Halachic state of a Yoledes: [1] Calling a midwife: However to call a midwife from place to place which is a matter which takes time and delay is permitted to be done prior to this [i.e. to her reaching […]

The laws of Erasing

General rule: Whenever something is forbidden to be written on Shabbos, as explained in the previous chapter, it is likewise forbidden to be erased unless stated otherwise[1]. Refer to the previous chapter for all cases that contain the writing prohibition.   1. The Biblical Prohibition[2] To write or erase with intent […]

Preparing things before shabbos

Preparing matters from before Shabbos[1]: It is proper to beware that when the 9th month arrives one prepares all [the matters that would require desecration in the event she were to give birth on Shabbos] from before Shabbos in order so they will not be required to desecrate Shabbos. [See […]

The laws of writing

Writing letters, symbols, marks, pictures 1. The Av Melacha[1] To write or erase with intent to write: One who writes[2], and erases in order to write in the erased area, has performed one of the primary Melachas. [This is derived from the work done in the Mishkan] as [in the […]

Desecrating Shabbos

Desecrating Shabbos on behalf of a Yoledes: [1] Like a dangerously ill person: A Yoledes [see exact Halachic definition in Halacha 3] is [considered] like a dangerously ill person and one [thus] is to desecrate Shabbos on her behalf for all of her needs. [See Halacha 2 for a list […]

Weaving and unraveling

Weaving and unraveling ropes and wicks:[1] Biblically: One who weaves ropes of any type of material is liable for [the] tying [prohibition]. The amount [needed to be tied] to be Biblically liable is to the point that the rope can last with its weaving without needing to be tied at […]

Cutting a knot

Cutting a knot:[1] Cutting the sewing and knot of the tailor: Even if a collar had already been opened [after being made] but a professional [tailor] returned and sewed [the two sides of the collar] together in the way done by professionals, or if the professional tied it [in a […]

Tying a scarf or tichel

May one tie a scarf around his neck, or a tichel on ones hair? It is best to do so with a bow over a knot. However there are Poskim[1] which allow one to make even a double knot as long as the double knot is not tight. Other Poskim[2] […]