Insulating bein hashmashos

Is it permitted to insulate during Bein Hashmashos[1] of Erev Shabbos?[2]  By Bein Hashmashos, even though it is questionable if it is considered nighttime [and thus perhaps Shabbos has already begun, nevertheless], one is permitted to insulate [food] in something that does not add heat. [However if the material adds […]

The law if one transgressed

The law if one transgressed and insulated in material which adds heat: [1] First Opinion[2]: If one transgressed and insulated [in material which increases heat], even [if this was done] inadvertently [without prior knowledge of the prohibition], [nevertheless] the food is forbidden both to him and to others until after […]

Hot springs

Insulating within the Tiberius hot springs:[1] A. Placing a bottle of water and the like into the spring from before Shabbos: A channel of water from the hot springs of Tiberius is forbidden to place through it, even from before Shabbos, a tube of cold water which its opening [of […]

Materials that add heat

Which materials are considered to add heat?[1] The following are materials which add heat [whether they are wet or dry]: Waste of olives and of sesame seeds [that is left] after their oil has been removed, and fertilizer and salt and lime and sand[2], whether they are wet or dry […]