Saying Nacheim in Birchas Hamazon on Tishe Beav for one who ate bread

Does one who eats bread on Tishe Beav recite Nachem in Birchas Hamazon?[1]

One who eats bread on Tishe Beav is to say Nachem in Birchas Hamazon.[2] It is recited prior to Uvinei Yerushalayim.[3] It is recited each time that one recites Birchas Hamazon on Tishe Beav.[4] [However, some Poskim[5] rule that based on Admur in the Siddur one is not to recite Nacheim in Birchas Hamazon. Practically it is to be recited.[6] Children who ate bread are to recite Nachem in Birchas Hamazon.[7]]



If one is not fasting, is he to wash hands as usual [until the wrist] when eating bread on Tishe Beav?[8]



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Other opinions: Some Poskim question whether Nachem is to be recited. [Elya Raba 557/3; Birkeiy Yosef 557/2; Shaareiy Teshuvah 557/1; Kaf Hachaim 557/11 concludes it is not to be said] Some Poskim rule it is only to be recited from the time of Mincha and onwards. [Ben Ish Chaiy Devarim]

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