Only five people Davened Shemoneh Esrei together

May Chazaras Hashatz be recited if only five people Davened together?[1]

In the event that Shemoneh Esrei was Davened with less than six people, it is nevertheless permitted for the Chazan to recite the repetition for the sake of the Kedusha.[2] (Nevertheless, it is not considered that the congregation has Davened with a Minyan, and the above repetition does not have the status of a regular Chazaras Hashatz.[3]) However, initially in such a case, instead of Davening Shemoneh Esrei in silent and then repeating Shemoneh Esrei for the sake of the Kedusha, the Chazan is to Daven his silent Shemoneh Esrei aloud until after Kedusha and then recite the remainder of Shemoneh Esrei in silent.[4]


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Other opinions: Some Poskim question if according to the Radbaz 4/241, brought in M”A 69/4, one may recite the repetition for the sake of the Kedusha in such a case. [Biur Halacha 69/1 “Omer”]

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