Tefillin after early Maariv


If one Davened Maariv early may he still put on Tefillin?[1]

If one Davened Maariv early he is nevertheless to put on Tefillin after Maariv. [However one is to do so without reciting a blessing.[2] Likewise, one must avoid entering into such a situation, and is to a;lways put on Tefillin before Davening Maariv early.[3]]

[1] Admur 30/5 as explained in Tehila Ledavid 30/3 in his final conclusion that the second opinion and final ruling of Admur here follows the 2nd opinion in Rama Y.D. 196/1, as explained in Shach 196/4, that the second opinion of Rama [of which the Tehila Ledavid concludes is the 2nd opinion of Admur here] rules one may do a Hefsek even after Maariv.

Other opinions in Admur and other Poskim: Some Poskim rule one may not put on Tefillin after Maariv is Davened, even if it is still day, as this causes a contradiction in the days status. [first opinion in Admur ibid; first opinion in Rama ibid; Michaber 30/5] See Tehila Ledavid ibid for an alternative explanation and understanding of the 2nd opinion of Admur, which concludes that according to Admur one may not put on Tefillin after Maariv

[2] M”B 30/17; Tehila Ledavid ibid in name of Elya Raba

The reason: To suspect for the opinion that rules one may no longer put on Tefillin.

[3] As if he Davens Maariv first he enters himself into a dispute.

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